Introducing the Metaverse and Me!

What Does It Mean For Me, My Future and My Career?

February is Metaverse Month for Digital Women and we'll be diving into all things Metaverse. Including NFT's, AR, VR, Blockchain, Digital Worlds, Advertising, Future jobs and skills and more! 


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We're going to be de-mystifying the Metaverse! With Founder/CEO of Vault HillJimi Daodu, where they are building a human-centric Metaverse. An extended reality blockchain-based Metaverse designed to make you feel more human.

What do we mean by that? - a Metaverse designed to make you feel human by leveraging the basic human instincts. They are bringing everyday brands/products/services to users to explore and experience.

Meet Jimi Daodu, a Christian, married and father to 2 adorable toddlers. Bsc in Computer science, MSc in Advanced computing, MBA at the University of Warwick (finishing up dissertation). Certified blockchain architect, certified NFT expert and certified AWS Cloud practitioner.

Jimi is ex Barclays - Led the divestment of Barclays bank and Absa (South African subsidiary) with a budget of £3.2m and cost savings of 25%.

He's joining us at Digital Women to talk about the Metaverse, his own project and answer all of your burning questions. 

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You’ve probably heard the news that Facebook’s now changed its name to Meta, a reference to the company’s incoming Metaverse. But what actually is ‘the Metaverse’? And most importantly, what does it mean for you, your future and your career?

Digital Women is hosting a month long event to explore the Metaverse and answer the most important questions for women in digital, including:

What is the Metaverse?

How does the Metaverse work?

Will there be more than one Metaverse?

How will the Metaverse impact your life?

How will the Metaverse impact industries including marketing, social media, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies?

What does the Metaverse mean for your future career?

Hear real stories from women already doing great work!

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