Freelancers You Need to Know About in 2022!

The Digital Freelancer of The Year Award recognises and celebrates women who are working independently and flexibly, often carrying out more than one specialism.

Many freelancers also seek out their own clients and fund self-learning.

Freelancers are often highly skilled and work along-side corporate teams and smaller businesses and often collectively add a significant amount of money to our economy.

This Book has been put together to celebrate the amazing achievements of our finalists for Digital Woman Freelancer of the Year 2022. 

Truly, this book is full-to-bursting with incredible women to learn about.

And here at Digital Women, we’re all about platforming and celebrating these fantastic achievements, while making digital accessible for all. That’s why this Book is also completely free to download.

That’s right: 26 pages of inspiring and innovative Digital Women Freelancers to learn about - a gift from us to you.

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